Toddler Bounce House Guide

toddler bounce house guide

Purchasing a toddler bounce house requires some special considerations. Most inflatables are designed for children aged three and above, but there are certain models that are appropriate for toddlers from 1-3 years old.

In this guide, we will provide some important considerations to find the right toddler bounce house.

Safety First

When you have extremely young children the first thought should be about safety. Most residential bounce houses are recommended for ages three and up. Generally speaking, larger inflatables are not suitable for toddlers. Having a smaller, more controlled space is safer for a toddler bounce house.

Another thing to consider is the number of children that are jumping and their ages. If you have a much smaller, younger child in a bounce house with older children, it poses a safety risk if a larger child were to fall on them. 

That is why it makes sense to group children together of similar sizes and ages. Additionally, having adult supervision at all times is a must. 

Appropriate Models

Manufacturers of bounce houses that are larger than 6 to 7 feet will not recommend children younger than three years old to use them. 

This kiddie bounce house is a good model that can be used inside or outside. 

toddler bounce house guide

It is only 6' x 6' and the entire space is enclosed by netting. 

Another idea for toddlers is to use ball pits. We have several models that vary based on size. These might be better suited for toddlers who are not walking yet.

Mini-Nest Ball Pool

toddler ball pit

Corral Ball Pool

toddler ball pool

Flower Petal Ball Pool

toddler flower petal ball pool

Wrapping It Up

Most inflatables are not suited for children under the age of three years old. When you are shopping for a toddler bounce house make sure to keep in mind the size of the unit, the manufacturer's advice, and how many children will be inside the inflatable.



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